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Antenna MOD for Belkin Tunecast II FM Transmitter

piece of speaker wire (or a strand of light gauge wire shown in this tutorial)
soldering iron
wire cutter
Belkin Tunecast II

First, open the battery compartment in back and remove the screw

It snaps together, so once the screw is removed, don't be shy:: go ahead and pull it apart.
Here is what you will have.
(note the "snaps" that were holding it.Thats why you had to pull!)

Now remove the screw from the board

You now have THIS!

Notice the blue wire in the bundle from the speaker line connector.
snip it just above the board, and remove the blue insulation. You should have just enough wire to solder your NEW antenna wire to.

Solder away.

I used the hole that the cable looped back to to use as an exit point for the new antenna wire.
Put everything back in place, with the wires exiting the case at the top, and replace the screw on the bottom of the board.

Snap the top case back on, being careful that all wires are in their proper place, and replace the screw behind the batteries.
Here is the end result.